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The style is the face of the spirit.

Panta Rhei Design is well known as lighting designer in Rhineland-Palatinate and started as a Lighting Manufactorer. Through customer demand Panta Rhei has developed sophisticated lighting to lighting design. Our customs are business customer and privat customers.

We plan light either on the basis of our lights or light objects or rely on quality crafted lamps from renowned manu- facturers. Futhermore we perform light events in unusual locations: e.g. in wine cellars, churches and castles.

❶ Lighting that sells – for shops and      showrooms

Health Food Store  |  Boutique  |  Café Optician  |  Travel Agency  |  Vinotheque

Good lighting is always important. Espe- cially in rooms where goods are sold or customers need to get in a selling mood. But what is good light? Cozy? Inspiring or controlled that the colours create a promotional advantage.

In just 3 steps you will find your way to your store lighting.

- Basic lighting for general guidance

- Spot lighting to selectively highlight   goods into the focus of the customers

- Effect lighting to create a little extra   atmosphere for walls, shelves and also
  below eye level (e.g. stairs)

❷ Lighting design for Buildings
     & Apartments

Do you want to renovate your apartment or your house? We want to help to emphasize your personality with light. It is worth while thinking early of an innovative lighting concept to create a pleasant atmosphere and promotes wellbeing.

❸ Light-Events

Have you got a fancy venue you always wanted to case in light? Through our experience in the lighting technology and the intuition for your needs, we implement a concept for you and guide you through the sustained implementation. We are looking forward to your wonderful re- quests and ideas also from abroad.

Redesign salesroom Vinotheque Design of the interior Lighting design and implementation with LED technology Pendant light selection integrates the ceiling height and gives the former warehouse a noble character Spot lighting and effect lighting recessed into the wine shelves Successful lighting Good form and colour speech
Wine cellar lighting Colour light shows effect Sacred wine treasures Light meets pleasure this Red Light staging with sound and music