lichtwesen aus acryl
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The style is the face of the spirit.
Lighting series Capture

Light or light sculpture? Acrylic glass and aluminum are adaptable artists. They can be used as a bedside lamp, desk lamp and light sculpture. The bright light Capture table in LED technology transmits light through the curved acrylic glass over the edges to the outside. In the central region bearing a pattern produced by laser engraving, light almost spherically symmetric in all directions

Dimmable and with provided AC adapter lets you adapt to any environment. Due to the aluminum body at the foot she speaks an important word with. The word "love" can be replaced by another word. This can for example be a name. In addition, engravings can be incor- porated with costs (symbols or logos). Power consumption: about 9 watts.

ca. H: 23.5 * W: 9.5 * D: 9.5 cm

Likewise, the light capture table can use as a light sculpture eg on a wooden beam very well as accent. On request I can also offer you the wooden beams. Talk to me about it.

Cable lenght: ca. 1,60 m


The collection of luminous acrylic glass is joined by the wall lamp Capture wall from Panta Rhei Design. It can be used in the house entrance, staircase, corridor or path lighting. In high quality and simple design of the curved acrylic glass body is reflected in aluminum and black steel. The light can be directly connected to the 230 V ~ mains, power consumption about12 watts. The acrylic glass can be engraved with the house number or a name.

ca. H: 25 * B:15 * 4,5 cm


Lighting Capture table Detail Lighting capture table Light capture table on a high pine beams Lighting capture wall