lichtwesen aus acryl
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The style is the face of the spirit.
Wind element Butterfly
with lightning

A high quality coherent body of wind element made of acrylic glass, black steel and base plate made of granite that stands out. Imagine swinging in the wind during day and night, waving the butterfly in a peaceful movement back and forth of the introduced LED light that comes out over the edges. Even the flicker at night on the surface of the wings is noticeable. Imagine further, that the art work on the garden terrace each time looks different in weather and wind scenarios, e.g. dew, water drops and frost. Of course, the object is designed so that it can stay outdoors all year round and should be. Oscillation of the butterfly is realized with a high quality and simple spring steel construction. What do you need on site? A 230V ~ power supply which receives the power supply of the Wind element Butterfly.

Power consumption: about 1 watt.

ca. H: 150 * W: 100 * D: 100 cm


Wind element with butterfly lighting Detail wind element Butterfly with lighting