lichtwesen aus acryl
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The style is the face of the spirit.
Wind sculpture Group of
with lighting

A masterpiece of art, made of stain- less steel and acrylic glass. It rotates in the wind and is equipped with an LEDS on each wing rail, which takes the light to the edges of the acrylic glass. The object rotates lightly at low winds. An inductive method ensures the transfer of energy for lighting in the rotating interior. Hard to believe but true. An object for the discerning garden. To treat yourself to some- thing to which one has pure joy. The pictures speak for themselves. But once experienced, "live" one is fas- cinated by the expression and the manifold impressions. You have a piece of art for 24 hours a day. The attachment of the wind sculpture is in most cases with a earth foundation (not included). A very simple connec- tion technology in ground.

What do you need on site ? A 230V ~ power supply which receives the power supply of the Wind sculpture Group of Butterflies and a nice little place. Power consumption: about 8 watts


Wind sculpture group of butterflies Wind sculpture group of butterflies in the outdoor complex Detail group of butterflies